Return / Fairy tale
Wooden Chair, colored tags
Public art project
Tianjin, China

Everyone has his own fairy tale. In the world of fairy tales, you can realize the best dream that you ever had; you can reach the place where you have never been before; and you can get into another world that you can imagine. In the fairy tale of mine, there is green tree, white clouds and colorful rainbow.
Nowadays, it shows an increasing trend that the natural resource is employed to serve modern life. Moreover, the greenhouse effect grows, all kinds of disaster show up, and millions of people suffer from hunger and disease. These are all because the natural balance has been destroyed and human beings have taken too much from the earth. It is time to pay back to the earth. In China, we have a credo that let nature take its course. We respect the nature and try to preserve the environment around us. In this work of art, I am attending to show the respect to the great nature.
The subject of Return/Fairy Tale can be interpreted as follows: when we manufacture products using natural materials, the nature is destroyed at the same time. Taking a second thought, we can make the products made of natural stuff reverting to the original state. That can be thought-provoking. It is like the circle of life, a process of returning to the start. Despite the possibility of this kind of reverting appears in the real world, we treat it like a fairy tale which indicates the recycling of the nature. Therefore, manufactured objects are utilized to create a natural scene on campus in this project, due to the intention of arousing peoples attention on environment problems.

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